Monday, December 1, 2014

Haiku me

A little cuckoo across a hydrangea by Yosa Buson.
The time from Halloween through the first of the year is always busy and full of family commitments -- and all the joy and holiday cheer that goes along with it. 

Keeping up with the writing, say nothing of this blog, is a bit of a challenge. Lately it appears that my story-writing draft/rest/revise/finish cycle has been biting me in the ass. I find myself with a dearth of time and an excess of UNFINISHED stories. I'll be looking to that in the next weeks.

Here are some haikus about it. 

While story drafts are resting
New stories are born
Now, so much unfinished work.

Writing in bits and pieces
Sentences and scenes
Must fit in between errands

Sentence by sentence
These tales and their characters
Will be brought to “The End.”

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